A biomechanical model of the human tongue for understanding speech production and other lingual behaviors

Adam Baker
Department of Linguistics
University of Arizona


Greetings. This web site is about my dissertation. My goal is for any researcher to be able to reproduce what I did, but with less effort.

My hope is that someone will take this model and improve it, rather than have to begin afresh. Therefore I am making everything available; you can use as little or as much as you wish.

Please feel free to contact me about anything you find here (adamb924 at gmail dot com). For reasons I'm sure you understand, I can't make an open-ended offer of technical support. That said, I want this work to be applied to future research endeavors, and will be glad to offer what assistance I can.

Publications & Presentations


You're able to download files from a number of stages in analysis.


You can download code that I used to make the model.

What you'll need

Although I've tried not to assume too much in creating this site, it should be fairly obvious that you're going to need a certain level of competence working with computer files in various formats (both plaintext and binary). As far as the research itself is concerned, you'll need...

Either, background in some combination of:


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