A biomechanical model of the human tongue for understanding speech production and other lingual behaviors

Adam Baker
Department of Linguistics
University of Arizona

Compile C code

I've chosen to provide C code here rather than executable files. All of the code can be executed with this simple gcc command, where “filename.c” is the name of the C file, and “filename.exe” is the name of the executable you'll get.

gcc filename.c -o filename -lm

Run programs

When I've provided command syntax on this site I have assumed a Windows platform. That's the OS I did most of this on (aside from the high-performance computing stuff). I'm assuming that if you're working from Linux you'll be able to convert appropriately.

Decompress files

Most of what I provide here is tar'd and gzip'd. A .tar file is a bunch of individual files pasted together for convenience. A .gz file is a compressed file. These are not typically used in Windows, but they are frequently used in scientific computing. On Windows I used either the Cygwin environment or a program called 7zip to decompress these. Other tools are probably available as links from the following.

Tongue Muscle Abbreviations

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