A biomechanical model of the human tongue for understanding speech production and other lingual behaviors

Adam Baker
Department of Linguistics
University of Arizona

Lookup tables for the batch runs

The files for the batches have such informative names as Batch19_1.bin.gz, Batch19_2.bin.gz, etc. The lookup tables provided below will allow you to find out which muscle activations correspond to which values. The files are in comma delimited (CSV) format, which you can open with any spreadsheet program.

For instance, if you wanted to see what happens when you contract transversus and verticalis simultaneously at full strength, you would open “Batch19 Lookup.csv” and look down the “TR” and “VR” columns (see other abbreviations here) to find where both values are 0.35 MPa, and then you would see that the combination is given in file 12 (Batch19_12.bin.gz).

BatchLookup TableNote
Batch19Batch19 Lookup.csv
Batch20Batch20 Lookup.csv
Batch21SL activations for run 1, 2, ... 20 are 0.0175, 0.035, ... 0.35.
Batch22Batch22 Lookup.csv
Batch23SL is active at 0.35 MPa.
Batch24Batch19 Lookup.csvNB: Only the left side of the tongue is activated.
Batch25Batch20 Lookup.csvNB: Only the left side of the tongue is activated.
Batch26SL is active at 0.175 MPa.
Batch27Batch27 Lookup.csv
Batch28Batch28 Lookup.csvRun 18 is the one that wouldn't converge. See footnote 12 on page 154.

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