A biomechanical model of the human tongue for understanding speech production and other lingual behaviors

Adam Baker
Department of Linguistics
University of Arizona

Tongue model SATs

Here are the parts that I used. If you're unfamiliar with solid part representations, ACIS' SAT format is practically an industry standard. (I believe it may be an open standard.) Every program worth its salt will be able to read it, and ACIS makes a free viewer available online.

Here are some parts that I didn't end up using. I include them here for the sake of completeness.

“Mucosa” and “SupLong” are older versions of the above, which probably caused some meshing errors. “Mucosa-12-11-withbase” is the mucosa with a rectagular base, instead of having hyoglossus and genioglossus sticking out the bottom; at one point I thought this would be better (and it is better, meshing-wise), but the extra nodes & elements were too computationally costly. “TV_resliced” is a solid model with the seams of the NURBS surfaces on the lateral margin of the solid, which is helpful if you wanted to slice it to make trasversus and verticalis distinct models.

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