A biomechanical model of the human tongue for understanding speech production and other lingual behaviors

Adam Baker
Department of Linguistics
University of Arizona

Tongue Viewer

Tongue Viewer is a piece of software for viewing the data files that I created. It will work with Windows, OS X, or Linux. It is probably the coolest download on this site... and maybe on any site, if you're really into tongue biomechanics. It's described in Appendix C of my dissertation, but your best bet is probably just to download it and play.

Tongue Viewer is made with the Qt application framework, which I highly recommend. Tongue Viewer is released using Trolltech's open source license, which is to say under the GNU Public License. So do whatever you want with it.

Conversely, I own the copyright on the data files. You're free to use them for personal and academic research purposes; just don't try to make a profit. (Actually, if you know of a way to make money off this, send me an email and we'll be partners!)

All contents copyright © 2008 Adam Baker