General Outline for Exhibitors

GB - Grand Ballroom Foyer in the main building



We have a full day of workshops in rooms surrounding the GB Foyer

Anytime your group wishes to set up is fine.

We'll have the hotel put your boxes on your marked table on Sunday so they will be there waiting for you.


Morning gets traffic to the GB Foyer area with more half day workshops

After lunch we open the conference at the Kiva Ballroom in another building just opposite the tennis courts and main entrance

We return to the GB Foyer at 5:00 for Concurrents so anticipate late afternoon traffic through 7:00 pm


Full day of Plenary in the Kiva

5:00 Concurrents back in rooms near the GB Foyer

7:00 Poster and Exhibitor Official sessions through 10 PM


free day


Full day of plenary in the Kiva

5:00 concurrents in rooms near the GB Foyer

7:00 Poster and Exhibitor sessions through 10 PM


Plenary in the Kiva only

You are welcome to set up outside Kiva for the final sessions

Please let us know on site.

We conclude the Plenary at 4:00 pm

The closing party is in the Kiva from 8:30 - xxx?