2016 Science of Consciousness

April 25-30, 2016




7:00 - 10:00 pm

Loews Ventana Canyon Resort, Tucson

Main Building

Grand Ballroom B & C


Our Local Kinkos Fed Ex will deliver your posters

Science of Consciousness Conference (UA Abi Montefiore)

also known as The University FedEx on Speedway Blvd., Tucson 

Tucson Fed Ex Office  and Ship Center - on Speedway Blvd. 

Tucson AZ 85716


Open 24 hours




Printing and Delivery of Posters

2016  Poster Guidelines

Our Local Kinkos Fed Ex will deliver your posters


Poster Guidelines

 Boards are 4 x 8  horizontal


Poster Abstracts designated from the following sections via on the

online TSC Conference abstract submission system.


1:  Philosophy                                                                                               

2:  Neuroscience                                                                                       

3:  Cog Sci/Psychology                                                                               

4:  Physics/Biology                                                                                      

5:  Experiential                                                                                          

6:  Humanities 


The Poster Sessions - Organizing Your Information

Set Up:      After 2 PM the day of your session.

If you have a scheduling issue please update the comments section in your abstract/registration.

Presenters must be available with their posters during their scheduled session to discuss their research with interested viewers.  All accepted abstracts will be published in the Conference Program and Abstract publication. The Poster Sessions are  a great showcase forum to inform colleagues, researchers, members of the press and other interested parties of your basic and clinical research projects.  We encourage posters from: undergraduate and graduate students, researchers, post docs, authors, medical residents, fellows and professors, artists, designers, authors, and other professionals.     


SAMPLES of POSTERS - see below


Poster 'Board' Size: 

4 ft. (height) x 8 ft. (width) 

with metal frame





MAX Display Area: (taking into account the metal frame)

Your poster should not be larger than these dimensions; it can be smaller of course.

44 1/2 " x 91"           

3.7 feet x  7.5 feet                

1.1 m  x   2.3 m



to Bottom of the Poster Board

From floor to bottom of board     33 ½”     2.8 feet                .85 m

From floor to top of board           81 ½”      6.8 feet                2.0 m



The Poster Boards are rented and provided by Shepard Exposition Services

They are a high quality fabric board and are heavy and cannot be easily moved.

There will be signs for the various poster categories / disciplines

You need to place your poster under the correct discipline


Organizing your Information  

Focus on the introduction, methods, results and discussion, summary, and references. Make a small-scale sketch of your

poster to ascertain if all the points you want to stress as well as headlines, text, figures and tables, photos, etc., will fit into the

dimensions allowed. The poster should start in the upper left hand corner and flow generally from left to right and from top

to bottom. The title, author name(s) and affiliation are often at the top of the poster. If necessary, use letters, numbers, or arrows

to indicate proper flow to the audience.


Do not crowd too much information into the presentation; concentrate on a few main points. Highlight trends and comparisons

with simplified graphics and diagrams. Often it is better to use outlines and bullets than paragraphs. Avoid overwhelming the

audience with too many numbers, words, or complicated graphs. Make certain your message is clear because people will

study your poster while you are away.


All lettering should be easily read from a distance of 1 meter  (4-5 feet) Use a bold or semi bold typeface for headings and labels.

Lettering for subheads and figure captions should be larger than that of the main text but smaller than the main heading.

Text in upper- and lower-case letters is more readable than all capitals, but capitals for headings and labels are acceptable.

Use sans serif type such as Arial or Lucida Sans for text. It is much easier to read than serif type such as Courier.

All posters should feature a title, your name, and the name of the institution where the research was performed and should credit others, as appropriate. The title lettering should be about 2” to 3” (5” to 7.5”) with subheadings ½” to 1” high (1.25 to 2.5 cm).



Do not use double sided tape, glue or Velcro.

Use push pins only. ******************************* (basic pushpins will be supplied)

You may not mark, paste, mount or write on any of these boards.


No adhesives. No Foam Boards. No Nails.

Please remove your poster after your session


To summarize:

  • Use large, easy-to-read sans-serif letters

  • Include clear figures and tables and artwork
  • Do not just paste-up typed pages from a paper/document
  • Remember that a Poster Session is more like an informal discussion.
  • The discussion may begin with a question from an interested person.

  • You may initiate a discussion by pointing out the particular figure that depicts

              the essential conclusions of your paper and allow questions and answers to flow from that point.

  • Keep it conversational


Printing Options:


Tucson Fed Ex Office  and Ship Center - on Speedway Blvd. 

Tucson AZ 85716

520-795-7796   - Open 24 hours

free delivery by Wednesday Apr 27

Science of Consciousness Conference Contact at Fed Ex:

Sales Customer Service

University FedEx on Speedway Blvd., Tucson 

Tel:      (520) 795-7796

Email:    usa4195@fedex.com


Ask for the special TSC Conference Rates;

You will have to make arrangements to pay for your printing order directly with FedEx 



Your abstract will be included in the Abstract Journal and will include:

Author(s) Name(s)

Title of Abstract



Abstract Index #

Your contact information

The Abstract

Index by Author, Session, Section


Business Cards/Flyers

You may wish to have copies of materials to give people who visit your poster

FedEx Speedway can expedite this order

Please remove posters at the conclusion of your Poster Session.  

We are not responsible for your poster at the conclusion of the Session.  

Thank you.   


S A M P L E S   


Additional Dimensions:

From floor to bottom of board     33 ½”     2.8 feet                .85 m

From floor to top of board           81 ½”     6.8 feet                2.0 m


 2012   FINAL Nabi Nuhue Poster/courtesy of Stephen Whitmarsh, PhD 




Here is another sample outline

courtesy of  Alex Vary




150+ presenters at each session.       Light refreshments.    Cash Bar.