April 25-30, 2016 - Tucson

Pre-Conference Workshop

Consciousness and the Arts - Part 2

Tuesday April 26,2016   9AM -1PM


Nell Teare, Lora Nigro/Kevin Rutkowski, Sascha Seifert, Nick Day

The creative arts are intrinsic to consciousness. From the earliest cave paintings through 100,000 years of storytelling, drumming and dance rituals to modern film, music and art, we humans have used images, sound, movement and language to transmit knowledge, elicit emotions, explore inner and outer worlds and intensify conscious awareness.

Part two of this workshop continues the exploration of consciousness and the arts by going further behind the scenes, looking at universal artistic forms of language and structure that are concealed within the work, e.g. the hero's journey in film and novels, variation or sonata form in music, or the rule of thirds in painting and photography. We look at how a filmmaker engages an audience viscerally rather than intellectually. We will also examine the potential impact of social media on consciousness. Finally, we explore what deeper truths are being expressed in the act of creation, and how archetypes point to universal qualities embedded in consciousness. Could artistic creativity emerge from a Platonic realm in deeper, more fundamental levels of reality?


Nell Teare will discuss the efficacy of visceral imagery, dialogue, music and light in film. Art, that is true and specific to the artist, reaches more people than a general idea. I employ this in the creation of my shots and characters. I believe that creating art through specific experience and understanding, allows people to tap into a collective consciousness that is intrinsic to the Universe. Consciousness is an energy that comes through us to produce the world, tangible and intangible. When we experience something viscerally versus intellectually, we connect to what it means to exist. Nell is a writer, director, producer, actor and choreographer. She holds a BFA from New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts. Nell has directed over thirty projects andhas performed in hundreds of productions in this country and abroad. She is also a commissioned painter and lives in Hollywood.


Art Imitating Consciousness

Lora Nigro & Kevin Rutkowski —  Art relies on the “ moving relation between individual consciousness and the world,” as Muriel Rukeyser characterized. Our presentation will touch on the collaborative and  unconscious processing in filmmaking and songwriting underscoring the creative direction that shapes the long short documentary, The Deeper You Go, The Interviews. How does this classic, intimate cinematic technique and stream of consciousness approach inform the debate on consciousness and proliferate the conversation?  Filmmaker Lora Nigro is the creative director at 11thstory and a freelance writer, media designer, songwriter, recording artist and jewelry designer. Her collaborative partner, Kevin Rutkowski is a music composer and film editor who also teaches creative media at Milwaukee Area Technical College. Media Website: 11thstory.comFilm website: Twitter @11thstory Facebook:


Sascha Seifert —  #Campfire, #Watercooler, #App, #Headset. How social became #Social Media and how this might impact our consciousness. This talk explores the possible correlation between social media in all its forms and changes in human consciousness and perception. I will provide an overview of social media, from pov-related, individual experiences through to consciousness studies; from the early days of chat rooms and forgotten platforms like MySpace to today’s giants such as Twitter and Facebook, andto the upcoming VR-Social-Network-Worlds, like the already available VTime. I will explore the impact of social media on general perception, the art of storytelling and consumption by humanity and its potential impact on consciousness.

Sascha Seifertis a serial entrepreneur, visualist, visionary filmmaker, writer and marketing expert, with extensive experience in creating media and managing media enterprises. He is partner at Mouna Studios, a media development and production company, experimenting with multi-platform distribution, embracing VRas the future of storytelling. Sascha has been a TSC regular for 10 years. Website: Twitter: @saschaseifert


Nick Day —  What storytelling reveals about the deeper nature of consciousness. The emergence of language and the capacity for storytelling can be considered fundamental to our becoming human. Our brains seek meaningful patterns —“ the story” —in everything we see, hear or sense. Storytelling favors survival by activating a powerful inner world of association and meaning, helping us to empathize with others, successfully navigate the external world and develop abstract ideas. Nick Day explores what 100,000 years of storytelling reveals about the deeper nature of consciousness. He also looks at the role of archetypes and myths, and the transformational potential of film.  Nick Day is an award-winning filmmaker, screenwriter and international speaker on consciousness, storytelling and cinema. He brought the biggest gathering in the history of humanity – India’s Kumbh Mela —to audiences worldwide with the critically acclaimed Shortcut to Nirvana. Nick is producer of The Consciousness Chronicles and host of TSC’s daily show, Consciousness Central. Website: